Sunday, September 18, 2011

Uncharted Territory

So I originally wrote this blog 2 weeks ago just after the girls started back to school.  I'm just now realizing that I never hit "Publish Post".  Duh......

I have an empty house.  It's just me, the dog and the cat.  The girls are off to their first week of school and I'm home alone.   It's nice and quiet.  The dog and I have just finished a 3 hour hike and we feel great.   My plan for this week is to get out and hike each day.  Hitting trails I haven't been on and hiking as long as I want.  I'm stretching out in new directions and exploring uncharted territory.  I have 7 hours to kill from the time I drop them off to the time I pick them up.  What to do with myself??  Obviously I have found 1 thing; hike.  There has to be more though right? 

I am looking for jobs as well.  I met a woman recently who suggested that I look into getting a seasonal job at one of the ski resorts.  Aside from the obvious perk of it being seasonal and not being locked into it until goodness knows when she said there are many other benefits such as ski passes, discounts on ski school and deals at local shops.  It sounds pretty good to me so I've begun looking.  I just finished an application to Deer Valley Resort for a full time position in the childcare center.  This seems like a no brainer to me since I was a substitute teacher at a preschool in MD, helped out at the elementary school in the classroom and with the art kids in the variety show there, and taught kids yoga in a variety of places.  I now have an interview lined up for next week.  Here's to hoping it goes well.

I'm also still working on getting connected to the local hospital.  I've been researching the hospital itself along with local OB/GYNs and midwives.  I have been asking around to people I've met to see if they might have any connections for me to contact.  I have come up with a few and need to start planning how I will present myself to them.  I also need to work on a proposal to submit to the hospital itself, as they don't currently have a perinatal fitness program. 

This week I feel like I need to stretch out and test the waters so to speak.  I am learning about my new community and putting myself out there meeting people and seeing what happens in Park City.  This week I am hovering between the quiet grounding that has happened in my return to self-observation and the balance I need while I experiment and explore in establishing a new me in a new place.  In my practice I will be doing a lot of Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon pose ( Yoga Journal, 2011).  I'm staying grounded with one side of my body; one hand and one foot remain connected with the earth, and yet with the other side I'm reaching out to extend myself into my new surroundings.  Balance is key here and most of the balance is founded upon the grounding of my single hand and foot.  This is also a reminder as I begin to make my place in this new community that I must not ever overextend myself but keep parts of myself ever firm in the foundation of Self. 

I have so much to do and I'm feeling like I can start spreading my wings.  I'm becoming more sure of the lay of the land here and the time will soon come when I will take flight, embarking on the next part of this journey I call life.

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